No audio Nuendo 7 and UA twin/quad help

I’m running the latest nuendo 7 on windows 10 64bit with the new thunderbolt UA twin/quad. Nuendo has suddenly stopped receiving or sending any audio with the twin? It shows all the proper connections in vST connections and when I open studio one with the twin the audio works fine.

Any help would be appreciated! What am I missing? I even uninstalled and then reinstalled Nuendo with no correction to the problem. It won’t even show visual feedback on the meters even though the audio wave forms are shown.

Could something be set incorrectly in the Device Setup?

That’s what I thought, but everything appears to be correct. Unless I’m missing something version 7 is new to me

If you go to Devices–>Device Setup–>VST Audio System, under ASIO Driver it should have the UA Twin selected.