No audio on External FX WL10

External FX not working here on WL 10. I can see my audio in/out in my apogee 3/4 5/6 7/8 ins/out
but not sound on Wavelab10.
Wavelab 9.5 works fine just one one External I/O I want to try my external hardware as I use in Logic and PT.
Any ideas.

On my macbook pro /High Sierra I can use external FX on 3/4 without garbled sounds but If I insert 5/6 or 7/8 only listen insert on 3/4 Cant use multiple External FX ( Working on Logic or pT I can use all my physical inserts without problems .
I have to use 2048 on Apogeee Symphony to start listening something but with noises. imposible to work now with Wavelab 10 will return to WL9.5

I have the same problem with 10 and but no issue with 9.5. Some told me to make sure the resample button is bypassed but they didn’t help.