No audio ouput Halion 7 Standalone on Windows 11

Hi All,

I’ve just downloaded my trial of Halion 7, and it’s great. I can’t seem to get an audio output in Standalone though.

My Midi controller shows activity in the top left of the screen, but no sound output. However, if I click on the virtual keyboard at the bottom I get sound.

In the rack section of Halion, the MIDI icon doesn’t show activity when I play my controller.

Exactly the same setup works fine in Cubase.

Any help would be much appreciated.

When using the standalone you need to check the midi channels. Set the slot with the program to the same channel as your midi keyboard (or the other way around).

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Hi misohoza
Thanks for your reply. I have tried every combination of MIDI channels on all four ports listed. Still no joy.
I have even unplugged the USB cable from my controller and used a MIDI cable instead - still no joy.

Can you check the preferences in Halion standalone? There is a tab for Midi ports. Do you have the correct settings for port A? You can set it to All midi inputs or pick your midi controller. Then it should be just a matter of matching the midi channles.

Hi again misohoza

I have just this minute found the solution.

My MIDI controller is the M-Audio Keystation Pro 88, and it has various settings for zones and groups built in. Although I was transmitting on MIDI channel 1, the chosen Zone (which I forgot was on) was set to transmit on MIDI channel 4.

The main MIDI info detector was flashing on Halion 7 (as it was detecting on ALL inputs / channels), but the slot rack wasn’t responding – at least I thought so until I saw slot 4 flashing!

Thank you for pointing out I should check everything!