No audio out with Presonus 192 interface

Using Cubase 9.5; No audio out with Presonus 192 interface. The sound card appears in connecting audio-in, but not audio-out.

A few thoughts…

1- Make sure your 192 UC mixer is updated to the latest version (which will also give you the latest ASIO audio driver). Also update your 192 with the latest firmware.

2- Make sure you have assigned/picked the correct driver for the 192 in Cubase. You may have installed several different drivers for other PreSonus products and have assigned the wrong one in Cubase.

3- I find that the 192 mixer works well with Studio One. No so much with Cubase. So when using Cubase I ”Bypass” the UC mixer completely (that option is found in the UC mixer) and use Cubase to control all output routing.

Regards. :sunglasses: