No audio output after trying to use Groove Agent SE 5.0

I recently updated from cubase 9 to 11 Pro. My session will be functioning normally, then after I open Groove Agent on an instrument track, I load a kit, hit a drum, it will make a lo-fi sounding drum hit and everything goes silent. My original audio tracks will no longer play as well. Nothing going to the meter. It just completely breaks. Any help would be appreciated.

I using an Apollo Twin USB on Windows 10 Professional (64 bit).

Hi and welcome,

Could you try to reset the ASIO driver, please?

I’m not sure what you mean by resetting the driver.

1.) I’ve made sure all the drivers are updated from UAD.
2.) In Cubase I’ve made sure it’s using the correct UAD Apollo USB driver.

After opening Groove Agent, everything goes away. If I switch the driver in Cubase, and then switch it back to the UAD Apollo USB, my audio will come back but still nothing from Groove Agent.

If I have the instrument track record armed or press input monitoring at all, there is an overwhelming static sound and then eventually all audio stops again.

Is there a different ASIO driver that I should be using for my interface than the stock one from UAD?


Please, make sure you have the latest Groove Agent SE update installed.

I’ve reinstalled Groove Agent as well as the Groove Agent Content from the download manager and reset my computer. It still seems to behave the same way.

In generally seem to be getting a lot more clicks and pops lately as well.


What happens, if you just increase your Audio Device Buffer Size, please?


I originally had my buffer set to 32. Once I increased it up to 1024 everything is working flawlessly. I really appreciate the help.

Thank you.