No Audio Output After Windows 10 Upgrade (Cubase 9)

Hi, I’ve been using Cubase for at least a decade, still running Cubase 9 (no prior issues). I just upgraded my OS from Windows 7 to Windows 10 in anticipation of and upgrade to Cubase 11. I had to update the eLicenser, then got Cubase 9 to load just like normal. However, I opened a recent project and none of my audio tracks are outputting (their meters are dead). I can turn the click on and off and hear it through my interface, therefore I know my routing is correct–the click is on output 1/2 in VST connections, the same as the audio output of all the main busses, just like it always has been (I’ve used this same setup for years). (I have a VST instrument track with content that is the only meter that is showing any output, but I can’t hear it). Also, the inputs work fine–I see input meters and recorded waveforms when I record a test track. There’s just no output.

I’m using a Presonus FP10, which I know has been discontinued, however, all the inputs and the click track are working fine, so the FP10 is definitely recognized by the OS. Also, I can get sound from other programs (like Windows media player) to route sound through my FP10, so digital audio is definitely passing through it, and the sound of the click track is passing through it. There is something going on within Cubase that is not allowing the audio to play back–like I said, the individual track meters don’t even show any output (as if they are empty tracks).

I’ve verified my ASIO driver is correctly selected. I’ve also went into window’s hardware settings and disabled all the non-FP10 outputs. I’ve restarted my computer several times in this process. I’ve never had anything like this happen before. Any idea what is happening?

I’m Running Cubase 9.0.40 Build 292 (64 Bit), Feb 2 2018

As I mentioned, the click track is assigned to the same output bus as the audio. I hear click, but don’t even see meters for the audio.

Ok, I finally figured this out on my own.

As it turns out, I have 3rd party plugins (that require license activation) on the output bus that were showing they were normally activated. When I clicked to edit one, it was telling me I needed to sign in and activate all the plugins. Since I upgraded to Windows 10, this was not automatically taken care of. Once I signed in and activated these, everything is working just fine. I now hear audio and see meters. Since this plugin was on my master bus, it wasn’t playing any audio at all (not even on sub-bus tracks), and wasn’t clear to me at the time why not.

Maybe I will leave this up in case anyone else has a similar issue. I will let a moderator decide. Now I need a beer…

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Glad you got it working. I was going to tell you to check your firewire drivers. Most everyone has trouble with audio with the original FW drivers installed with Windows 10. The fix is to download the Legacy firewire drivers from Microsoft and install them. You can download it here:
Microsoft Firewire 1394 OHCI Legacy Driver Installer