No Audio Output despite MIDI In reading OK- Cubase Artist 12 -

Hello, I am running Cubase Artist 12 on a PC (Windows 10). I have a Roland Digital Piano FP-5, and when I open a blank project and play on the keys, the MIDI In light in the bottom right corner lights up. However, I can’t get any audio output, either through my computer speakers or back through the piano. I have watched dozens of YouTube videos at this point and no solution seems to be working. Any help?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Do you use an Instrument Track or the Audio Track? What Audio Device do you use?

Thanks for the reply!
I have been mainly trying to add Instrument Tracks, though I have also tried Audio Tracks with no success either. I have Kontakt and two Virtual Instrument Packages through the Berlin Orchestra Series. I have gotten these VSTs to work with Sibelius 7.5, which I also run on my machine, but they are not working in conjunction with Cubase.
I’m afraid I reveal my naiveness here when I ask what you mean by “Audio Device?” I am trying to simply run the sound out through my computer speakers. Is there another step here that I’m missing? When I go to Studio —> Studio Setup, under Audio System is reads “ASIO Driver; No Driver.” Could that be why I’m getting no output?


Yes, this is the reason.

You can use virtual ASIO Driver ASIO4ALL with your built-in Audio Device.

So, I have attached screenshots of my issue. When I try to run the ASIO audio driver, it tells me “Unknown Error.” Is this something I have to download from Steinberg or something?