No audio output from Cubase

Hi, I’ve just been trying to set up Cubase so that I can compose, but I don’t have any audio output. I’ve tried using both speakers and headphones, several different ASIO drivers, but I’m still unsure of what the problem is. I have audio output everywhere else except when using Cubase. My speakers show up on the Audio Connections window when using the ASIO driver, and the Control Panel for the driver also recognises my other output devices.

I’m using Cubase Elements 12 on a Windows 10 desktop computer. I’m using a MIDI keyboard for note input with VST instruments, which Cubase recognises as I can see that MIDI notes have been inputted, I just can’t hear them. I know that the keyboard isn’t causing the issue since it works with MuseScore, and the instruments themselves worked on their own (like through MuseScore), just nothing through Cubase. If it helps, it’s the BBC Symphony Orchestra from Spitfire Audio, though I’ve tried several others too. Does anyone have any suggestions or solutions? Thanks.

In cubase there are 2 main areas for audio routing you need to look at.
First close the new project window. Go to Studio Setup under studio. At the top is Audio System: Select the Asio driver for your hardware, or a generic one (which will not perform as well). When selected you will see it on the line under audio system. Click on it here for more options and ensure the ports you want to use are visible and active. You can click on control panel here too to go to the driver itself to configure.
Click on OK. And now go to Audio Connections in studio again. The second tab is for Outputs. The audio device should be your hardware. and the device ports should show the outputs. If anything here in not connected, the main bus wont know where to send your sound.

thanks, I’ve checked; all the ports are visible and active and all visible in the Audio Connections tab. Still nothing. Wondering if something might be misconfigured with the driver, but I’m not sure how that works.

What are you using for an audio interface that you can try several asio drivers?

For working on my rig I use my own devices asio drivers. For sharing I switch it over to a generic or asio4all driver to prevent routing issues the other side. Always had the ability to use generic drivers - not interface specific.

Hello, I am having the same problem as samishere168 just wondering if a solution was ever found?

So you don’t have an external audio interface? A lot of problems seem to occur from people using the poor onboard audio which has no asio drivers. Have you tried asio4all?