No audio output in Nuendo 10? Mac USB audio I/O

Long time Nuendo user here, but I haven’t been using it regularly the last few years.

Just upgraded to v10, wanted to try it out, started a new project, added some audio tracks I had laying around, configured my audio device (Mytek Brooklyn - “Audio Playback”) and found that Nuendo would not output audio, nor did any level show in the meters. As soon as I changed the Audio Device to Built In Audio, it played back on the laptop and showed up on the meters.

Is there some magic that needs to be done for an output-only USB device on Mac OS X High Sierra?


maybe check your clock source under audio devices.

There’s no option for “internal” clock with the USB device selected, only “Device” and “External”, neither of which will work, of course.

What next?

More info:

Nuendo 7, 8, and 10 all show the same problem - no audio outputted, or displayed on the meters when using a Mytek Brooklyn Bridge DAC via USB.

DaVinci Resolve, Harrison Mixbus, Sonic Studio soundBlade, Reaper all work normally with the same audio device chosen, as does the Finder.

This is on Mac OS X 10.13.6.

I tried trashing prefs, no change. Nuendo sees the audio interface/driver (cleverly labeled as “Audio Playback”), just doesn’t seem to get audio routed out to it. As I said, there isn’t any signal in the meters or mixer either, until I select an IO that Nuendo manages to play out to (like Built in Audio).

Any ideas what else this might be? The Mytek is using the standard OS X USB driver, nothing special.

I’ve opened a support ticket, but Steinberg hasn’t gotten back to me yet, it’s been 4 days.

Is no one else having issues with USB audio IO on Nuendo? In that case it might be something with the Mytek, but it’s using the same OS X built in driver that any other device would use, which makes little sense.

The fact that all the other audio apps I use work fine, and Nuendo works with built-in audio, but not the Mytek, is really weird.