No audio output or levels

Hi, i am new to the full blown Cubase having used Cubasis on ipad up to now which is fantastic and so easy to work out. Cubase is an absolute pain in the neck in comparison. I have a new laptop, have downloaded a trial version of Cubase elements 11 to amke sure it works before paying out on the full version and i cannot get any sound at all in headphones. I have loaded a drum track in and there are no levels in mixer. The Audio bus settings only show input mic, there is no output selected and the ASIO driver option cannot be chosen, it just ignores it. any ideas as i am close to throwing the laptop out of the window.

Few questions before going further…

  1. Do you have an audio interface for your laptop and if so, which one ?
  2. If you have an audio interface with an ASIO driver, are you sure that the latter has been correctly installed ?
  3. If not, does your laptop has a kind of integrated audio chip that could be used ?
  4. Could you post here screenshots of these panels ?
  • Studio>Studio Setup>Audio System
  • Studio>Audio Connections>Inputs
  • Studio>Audio Connections>Outputs

Hi there, thanks for replying.
I don’t have an external interface yet I was only trying to get audio through headphones for now.
I’ve succeeded in getting the levels to register by installing ASIO4all and managed to assign output to the laptop speakers but now when I plug in headphones it still only comes out through the speakers.

Matt Harper

Yes, ASIO4All is the way to go when only an onboard audio chip is available. Beside this, maybe you could create an added bus connected to your headphones output in the Studio>Audio Connections>Outputs panel, if your audio chip allows it (I guess it does).

I’m afraid that I can’t help you much more, as I have no experience of ASIO4All and always used an audio interface with its dedicated ASIO driver. Hope that someone else more capable on the subject will chime in…