No audio output

Sorry, I’m new at Cubase.

Youtube’s audio seems to work fine through these two speakers. Cubase doesn’t. The Clarinet gets midi input signals alright (see the blue bars in the picture), but there is no audio to be heard. The two speakers are the only ones Cubase offers as a choice, but as said, they don’t give any audio. Anyone, please advise.

The speakers are connected through a single 3.5mm stereo plug at the back of my PC

PS: I have enabled “Release driver when application is in the background”. Otherwise YouTube didn’t have any audio. Not that it matters. Don’t have audio in Cubase with disabled either.


I am not sure if this is the exact fix for you BUT I have this problem. If I open Cubase Pro with Youtube running a video in the background (in Google Chrome), Cubase will NOT allow the Drivers of my I/O to run. The result is the faders still show movement but no sound.

The fix for me is to close ANY programs playing sound on my PC and restart Cubase. Oh, I also have the Release Driver ticked and this issue still happens. I just figure Cubase needs to monopolise the sound drivers so I let it.

The release AUDIO is not really about running multiple audio using programs…


Release ASIO Driver in Background

This Cubase/Nuendo option can be found the menu Devices > Device Setup… > VST Audiosystem (older versions: VST Audiobay, VST Multitrack) and is used to release the selected ASIO driver when another program comes to the fore.

This can be necessary when the ASIO driver is not “multi-client” capable but you want to use your audio hardware with another application beside Cubase/Nuendo.

Additional information:

When you start an audio export the ASIO driver is used. When the option “Release ASIO Driver in Background” is enabled you should not put another program into the foreground during the export. Otherwise the export could fail or even cause crashes.
If you connect other programs (for example Reason) via ReWire with Cubase/Nuendo the option should be disabled in order to allow a stable ReWire connection.
Generally it is recommended to enable the option only when required.

Do you have any audio showing in your Cubase Mixer? (F3 to bring it up)

Does the same thing happen if you use a Steinberg VSTi rather than the one you’re using in the Screen grab you’ve shown.

What does your ASIO Audio System screen look like? (Studio/Studio Set-up/VST Audio system)

Thank you Baycider and Planarchist

The hypothesis that non-Cubase programs cut off the sound is invalid. With all other programs closed, the problem persists

Planarchist is right that a Steinberg VSTi indeed has audio! The one in the picture is EastWest Symphonic Orchestra. However yesterday, I had no problem playing EastWest.

The ASIO setting is to “generic” (don’t have any hardware for ASIO driver). Yesterday it was 40ms, no only 20ms. It dropped for some reason. I’m not complaining.


I deleted all tracks, and then recreated them. NOW THERE IS NO LONGER A PROBLEM! This promises a lot for Cubase :wink:

Thanks for all the help.

The generic driver is very poor. Install ASIO4all driver and select this as your driver in Cubase.
It should give some improvement in stability and latency.

Get a decent audio interface.
It is really not a Cubase issue , but a audio driver issue.
Even with a good multiclient driver, it is not recommended playing multiple audio sources from different programs at the same time.
Just think of samplerate, Cubase playing in 44.1Khz and a video playing in VLC at 48khz, what sample rate should be used by the audio interface ?
A safe way doing it is to use two audio interfaces, using the internal one for Windows sounds and a dedicated one for Cubase & Co. run a physical cable from the internal audio interface to the one Cubase uses and monitor it using the control room or just a dedicated track in Cubase.

Cubase Elements 10 is no giving me any options under the VST Audiosystem scroll down menu…the only option is “No driver” which is ticked.

I installed a new audio driver, reinstalled Cubase and still the same thing.

I just bought this product and am severely disappointed.