no audio outputs detected (ASIO pb ?)

So, I am using the onboard (VIA) Sound Blaster X-Fi but it is not detected anymore by Cubase. I can hear sound allright in other applications, I think it’s the generic low latency ASIO driver down.

I think it is after the full duplex setup wich won’t work of course, but I used to run it on half duplex (heck, I’m not understanding the half of what I’m saying).

I didn’t had this ASIO driver before I installed Cubase, and I found it was cool. However at some point it choked with VAZ modular (at first that went good but after many sessions something went wrong, probably when I wanted to test the full duplex thingy), and now I have no HW detected under VST connexions. Other applications are giving sound and stuff.

I have updated the HW sound drivers, reinstalled Cubase multiple times but no good so far.

Side note: I can run the ASIO tests OK :frowning:

What should I do/check first ? Any related thread, please point me to. If you have a debugging method that could tell us more I’m ready, coz I’m not sure where the problem starts, setup wise.

Just to confirm that it is specifically the low latency driver not working anymore.

I would appreciate to have it operate again but reinstalling Cubase didn’t help (please do).

When I run asioglldsetup.exe, the sound device is not showing.

If I run dxfdsetup.exe, the device is detected (but it’s not fd-able).