No Audio Playback Dorico 4

I’ve just installed Dorico 4 on my new laptop and can’t get any audio playback. There are no output options when the generic driver is selected. I’ve installed FlexASIO and the only option there is “OUT 0, OUT 1.”
Dorico (687.1 KB)

Welcome to the forum, Devin. It looks like you might have a mismatch between the sample rate chosen in Dorico’s Device Setup dialog and the sample rate chosen in the Sound control panel in Windows. Make sure the sample rate is set to the same value (either 48kHz in both places, or 44.1kHz in both places).

Hi, I’ve checked the sample rates to make sure they matched and I even the values back and forth between 48k and 44.1K and there’s still no audio playback.

Please read this for a start:

For @Lillie_Harris another audio topic with little detail on hardware, platform, version, resources etc. We do need the detailed audio issue reporting template that I am advocating.

Hi @Devin_Bureau , thanks for the diagnostics report. From the logs I can see that you tried many times and with various settings, but also the logs do suggest that from Dorico’s audio engine side everything works fine and as expected.
On the other hand, sure, you say that there is no sound. So let’s take this step by step and find out.
First, please load the FlexASIO driver and then open the demo project DORICOverture. Wait for it to load completely and hit the Play button to start the playback. After that press the function key F3 to open the Dorico Mixer window. Do you see metering flickering there? Most importantly is there metering on the right side on the master output channel?