No Audio Registering/Playback


Long time Cubase user now on 5.2.2. I’d like to upgrade but am not ready to upgrade equipment.

I have a dual-core 2g mem XP box that has served my purposes (and continues to). I use Echo Layla24 PCI.

All of sudden, the Audio tracks do NOT playback AND the Performance meter pegs out. When I raise the Device Setup’s size to greater than 16k it releases core and unpegs the Performance meter, however, still NO audio.

I have:

  • Uninstalled drivers (completely down to removing all Registry correlations, and removing directories)
  • Uninstalled Cubase (removed all Registry items and directories)
  • Removed associations to plug-ins - i.e. removed them from their locations so they wouldn’t load
  • Uninstalled any Malware/Virus software
  • Reinstalled drivers/ software from scratch

One important thing is that other applications that use the device (Layla24 PCI) work just fine. This includes my old Wavelab; Studio One [which I’ve since purchase so I can work]; Reaper 4; iTunes, etc…

It is just Cubase 5. Also, when I try SX3 (that I left on the system) it works as well and THEN has trouble loading the driver.

I have almost two decades invested in Cubase. Any practical assistance is very much appreciated.

Thanks so much.