No audio signal recording audio Cubase Artist 12 on MacOS

hello all, i have a problem with Cubase 12 Artist. It’s the following: i’m trying to record my guitar into Cubase, i have a Mackie Onyx Blackjack 2x2 interface, and running Cubase in Mac OS. Everything is connected and it works fine with Logic ProX, meaning that i can see the guitar signal in Logic and hear it, but when i try it in Cubase i don’t see any signal in the meters or hear any sound. Record enable and Monitor are on. So i went through the manual and several posts in the forums but found nothing. I believe i done the setup correctly in AUDIO CONNECTIONS and System setup. I know you have to create audio busses so the Audio interface can communicate with Cubase but nothing works. The output works fine. Any help? Thank you in advance

1000 times the same answer…
Does Cubase have microphone access in OSX?

Hi there, you saved me, just needed to grant access to the microphone outside Cubase TY 8)