No Audio (sounds) from Cubase

I posted on the forum when it should be here. Can you help me? I have No Audio (sounds) from Cubase but I do have
audio from other programs. I am using the Mac OSX 10.6.8 . All was working great and then the sound was gone.
In VST Connections it tells me “Not Connected” on input and Not Connected on out put.
In Preferences/sound it is set for Internal microphone Built-in. Mute is not checked. What do I do now. I don’t know how to check the busses or asio. Can anyone help me. Thank You.

Go to ‘Device Manager’ itself, not VST Connections. VST Connections only works after you have selected your audio device in ‘Device Manager’ … the bottom option when you select the Devices drop down manager. Then click on ‘Audio’ in the left panel to bring up the window where you can select the available devices Cubase can use.


You’ll need to look at the getting started manual, it’ll tell you where the ASIO driver is selected and the connections are.

Also make sure the channel outputs haven’t set themselves to not connected.

Thank you guy’s for helping me out. Once I got “Built in Audio” back in it all worked great.