No audio through headphones


I recently got a THR10 from yamaha. The amp works fine, downloaded the driver for it and connected the amp. I can record audio to cubase but cant play it back through my headphones. Strangely, if i switch driver to generic i can hear the audio through my speakers. I have the input and output set to yamaha steinburg ASIO in VST connections, the same in device setup and on the individual tracks. Although i cant hear what i’ve recored through the headphones, i can hear a small popping sound when the audio is being played. I have the audio out set to the THR10 on my computer. I havent depressed the monitor buttons on the tracks.

Any ideas?

Do you have your headphones plugged into the THR10 or your computer? When you have the Yamaha ASIO driver selected you need to monitor through that device.

Hi, thanks for replying. The headphones are plugged into the THR and the yamaha steinburg ASIO driver is selected.

Can you play other audio files from your computer when Cubase is closed using the Yamaha?

When you say that with the generic driver you can hear audio through your “speakers” do you mean through your headphones connected to the Yamaha or through speakers attached to your computer?

No i can’t, i can’t seem to use it as an audio output device. But i can hear a popping sound coming through the headphones when i try to play what i’ve recorded. The popping sound just comes through the speakers of the yamaha when i take out the headphones from the jack in the yamaha.

I mean i can hear playback of the track i recorded through the speakers on my computer. When i have the Yamahas driver selected in cubase i can record but on playback i can only hear a popping noise. When i have the generic driver selected i can hear what i recorded through my computers speakers, if i change my computers playback device to it’s speakers.

When i have the yamaha driver selected whatever output i select too just gets a popping noise instead of playback.

Hmmm… I’m running out of ideas. Would you mind posting your system specs? What operating system are you running? Windows? You say the Yamaha is your default OS playback device? From what I see in the THR10 manual you should be able to use it as a standalone playback device. Don’t take this the wrong way but you do have the USB/AUX output control turned up, right? Normally I would suspect a VST connections routing error but if it won’t produce sound with any audio file there seems to be a different problem going on. Have you tried disabling the built in audio device? I can’t think of anything else to suggest right now :confused: .

Sure, im running windows Vista 32 bit with .2gig of ram and about 10gig left of memory. Intel core duo 1.73 ghz

Yes, when i use the amp as a stand alone playback device it works fine. I can record into cubase when i connect the usb to the computer but no sound untill i switch drivers. I would’nt take it the wrong way haha. I kinda wish it was the USB/AUX volume at this point. Unfortunatly, when i turn the USB/AUX dial up the popping just gets louder. I can play audio through the AUX on the unit by connecting a jack from my computers headphone jack to the AUX on the Yamaha. But not through the usb.

When you say disable the built in audio device what do you mean? For my computer? Or on the Yamaha?

Thanks for your help so far! I really appreciate it. I’ve contacted the shop where i got the unit from they said they could take a look at it for me as it might be a faulty unit.

I guess I’m trying to figure out if you can get audio to play from the computer at all. Can you play regular music files from something like Media Player through the Yamaha and USB connection without Cubase open? I think that would be the first thing to establish.

By “built in audio device” I’m referring to what you would normally use with your computer - it would usually be something like Realtek. I’d hold off on disabling that for now, though. It should work without having to.

Try connecting the Yamaha with the USB and powering it on before starting your computer. Then go into Windows sounds and set it as your default playback and recording device. That way whenever you have it plugged in Windows should automatically switch to that device instead of the built in sound.

Now, as far as Cubase usage goes …

Does the Yamaha driver have a control panel you can open through the Cubase Device Setup menu? If so you should have some kind of a buffer/latency setting that can be adjusted. I’m not completely clear on what you are calling a popping sound but it’s entirely possible that you are just trying to run at a lower latency setting than your fairly low spec (by DAW standards) computer can cope with. Try raising the buffer size/switching to a longer latency setting and see what happens. The downside of this is that you will be dealing with a monitoring delay while tracking. That’s why people who get serious about this stuff end up sinking a ton of money into high end computers and soundcards/interfaces.

Good luck and report back :slight_smile: .