No audio using Cubase 9 Artist with Realtek sound card.

Hello, for some time, using Cubase 9 Artist, HALion Sonic SE or Dorico SE, I disable the sound card of my PC and I don’t hear anything. As a VST Audio System peripheral I use ASIO4ALL v2_13.
Is this a Cubase problem or some Windows 10 update? I have Windows 10 Home with the 1909 update.
The sound card is a Realtek ® Audio with updated drivers of 12/03/2019 and Windows sees them as the most updated.
Could there be a conflict between the sampling rate and the bit depth of the Realtek sound card and Steinberg programs ??
I am forced to restart my PC every time.

Hi and welcome,

Can you see the Realtek outputs in the ASIO4ALL Control Panel? Is it setup properly there? Could you try to increase the Buffer Size?

Hi, I can see the Realtek outputs in ASIO4ALL as in the attached image. I tried to increase the buffer and after a while Cubase and / or HALion crashed.


Sorry, I don’t know ASIO4ALL very well… What does the yellow (female) symbol means?

Can you hear an Audio track with imported Audio file? Could you attach a screenshot of your VST Connections > Outputs, please?

Hi! The yellow symbols means that the ASIO4ALL driver is not working properly and gives advice like “Turn off default sounds”. I enclose what is requested and two CrashDumps for Cubase 9 Artist and HALion.
The strange thing is that although the outputs are active, I don’t hear any sound.

CrashDumps.rar (810 KB)


If the ASIO driver is not working properly, I wouldn’t be wondering about a crash of any application using audio.

First I would recommend to fix the driver.

Hi Martin, I will try to uninstall / install ASIO4ALL again. In the meantime I will use Generic ASIO Drivers. Maybe ASIO4ALL can no longer be used with Cubase.