no audio VST Connect Pro :(

Hello All!

I am going out of my mind trying to set this up.

I follow the instructions as much as I can, but as soon as I put VST Connect on the IN channel, I lose my input audio.
I did a test session with a friend and he said he could hear me only for a moment. but I can not hear him at all.

I have tried setting this up the manual way as per the instructions on this video

And per the instructions in the manual & on this board but still with no avail.

in short, there is no signal on the input channel with VST connect enabled. and I can not hear the other person and vice versa.

My setup =
-Cubase 8 Pro
-Windows 7
-Alesis M1 Active 520 USB (with built in Soundcard) I know I should use a standalone soundcard (but money is tight)
-Microphone - I am using the MIC built into my webcam.

on the video the person said that Direct Monitoring needs to be disabled. However my direct Monitoring is greyed out.

If someone could help or show me where I am going wrong, I would be more than grateful!

Thanks all !

hey all, this has been resolved by the very good people at Steinberg! there is a lot of information to write. but if someone faces the same issue, please advise and I will write the whole fix

A tiny hint would be helpful to see if it applies - ‘no audio’ is a very generic description :slight_smile: