No audio when ARA2 extension (SL) is applied to multichannel audio clips in Nuendo 12


I think I’ll put this in a support ticket, but I figured I 'd see if anyone else has run into this and has any ideas.

As soon as I apply Spectralayers 10 Pro as an extension to a multichannel audio clip in Nuendo 12, I get no audio from the extension (and clip)

I get audio if:
-ARA2 (SL Pro) extension is applied to a stereo clip
-No extension is applied to a stereo or multichannel clip (same track)

I do not get audio from a clip when:
-ARA2 extension is applied to a multichannel file, whether on a multichannel track, or a stereo track.

ARA2 plugins appear to load and function normally aside from no audio (I also loaded melodyne–it did detect pitch info for the file, but once again, no audio)

(For reference, multichannel files play just fine in the standalone SL 10 pro application).

Win 10, Nuendo 12.0.70

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In case anyone else runs into this problem and sees this post, support got back to me. Turns out that this is a bug and it will be fixed in a patch.


same for me :frowning:

There is an update with a lot of fixes, interested to hear if they’ve fixed it.

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I installed the 10.0.20 Spectralayers update (The last Nuendo update is already installed). The notes for the update did not mention this issue, and unfortunately, after testing, no dice on my end. I effectively can’t use Spectralayers in Nuendo for a while now because I mostly work in multichannel :frowning:

(For a workaround, I find the source of a file I want to work with in the nuendo media pool and open in the Spectralayers app independently, although I lose the drag and drop features)

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The last updates I tried (10.0.30) didn’t fix the problem. With the new version of Nuendo revealed next week. I will contact support to see if this will be patched in the new version. I’m still not clear if it’s an issue with ARA2 itself or Nuendo or SL.