No audio when monitoring with headphones IPad

New to Cubasis 3 for IPad. Cannot hear audio piano track when recording a voice track to the piano. Have I changed a setting or something. Using Yamaha mixer and headphones. Can hear piano when recording and voice through microphone. Need to hear playback of piano. Think I have done this before but no combination of toggling of the blue monitor button makes a difference. Yamaha keyboard going into yamaha mg10xu mixer. IPad connected to mixer with Apple camera cable.

Hi and welcome,

If the Monitor button is enabled, you hear the input signal from the track. If the Monitor button is disabled, you hear, what has been recorded in the track.

Do disable the Monitor for the already recorded track and enable the Monitor on the track, where you are going to record.

I have done that. It does not work. It has worked before but now it is not working. Could it be that somehow the Cubasis install is corrupt or has a bug? Also cannot heat the metronome when the button is depressed.
Thanks, Will

Regarding the Metrinome, I recently had this, and had turned off the metronome on the master slider (far right) in the mixer.


Of course, there could be a bug. Every software can have bugs. But I don’t believe this is the case. This would be reported many many times here on the forum already.

Could you attach a screenshots, please?

Thank you will check.