No audio when using vocaloid 6.4.0 in cubase 12.0.70

I followed every step on the Vocaloid website to connect Vocaloid to Cubase 12. Everything else is working except I cannot hear any audio from Vocaloid. Cubase and Vocaloid synch perfectly as far as play, setting tempo, etc. And it says “connected to Vocaloid bridge”. I even have Bbc symphony flute loaded on another track and I can hear it when I play my midi controller. And I hear a piano sound on the Vocaloid track when I play my midi controller. The Vocaloid signal appears in the Vocaloid mixer when I press the midi keyboard. But I cannot hear the voices coming from Vocaloid. When I run the cursor in Vocaloid I cannot hear the “ooh” sound for the Sarah voice. I am using my monitor headphones that are connected to a Focusrite audio interface.