no audio with Digi 003

Ok…I’m running Cubase 7 on a Mac Pro using an 003 Rack. It’s a new system for me, but has been working flawlessly for days.

Anyway, I started getting audio glitches during my current project because my buffer was set too low. So, I changed the buffer setting WITHIN CUBASE instead of exiting the program and using Core Audio Manager…

Ever since then, I can’t get audio out of Cubase, even after multiple reboots, deleting and making new output busses and such.

Loaded up Logic Pro and iTunes…audio works fine through them.

How do I reset the card or parameters in Cubase??

One more thing: when you play a project, all the meters play/move EXCEPT the main outs…it’s like Cubase isn’t even trying to play the audio even though the separate tracks are playing…

Thanks for any suggestions

have you got any inserted on the output buss ,if so are they on bypass or turned off ?

similar issue here:


  • close and reopen the project
    or (if it dosen’t work)
  • reset and reassign output busses