No Audiowarp function available

So I recently purchased Cubase Elements 8 and have been using it quite extensively. But haven’t been able to do one of the main things I want to do, which is to warp the audio in to time with the click.

My main problem is when I double click on the sample editor, the options other than “Hitpoints” that I’ve seen show up in the sample editor inspector (AudioWarp specifically) don’t actually appear. (check my attachment)

I’ve paid for everything, registered everything and activated everything, searched through the manual a million times and eventually reinstalled Cubase itself and it’s simply not working.


Hi, here the same

Cubase Elements 8 installed and activated (license payed), but only Hitpoints appears on the sample editor… does Cubase Elements 8 have no time warp editing?? I did already have it with Sequel3, why not on Elements 8 ? Can anyone from the suppport confirm on Cubase Elements 8 there are only Hitpoints editing? Thanks.