No "Audition" fader for Realtime export? (5.1)

Is it normal not to have an “Audition fader” available during realtime multichannel export? (I’m using the latest version of C7)


Use the Control room and this will not be an issue.

As far as I can see there is no audition level fader for batch export. Regardless of whether you use Control room.

From the Manual Pg. 640:
Cubase only: During the realtime export of a single channel, the Audition Volume fader is displayed in the progress dialog, see “About the Audio Engine Output section” on page 643. It allows you to adjust the Control Room volume.
Note that this fader is only available if the Control Room is activated.

I suppose this doesn’t answer the multichannel aspect of the question though. In this case from Pg. 644
Cubase only: When Realtime Export is activated, the exported audio will be played back via the Control Room. Depending on the CPU and disk speed of your computer, it may not be possible to export all channels simultaneously if Realtime Export is activated. If an error occurs during the realtime export, the program will automatically stop the process, reduce the number of channels and start again. Afterwards the next batch of files is exported. This is repeated as often as needed to export all selected channels.
Due to this splitting of the export process in “runs”, the realtime export might take longer than the actual playback would.

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I see. I don’t use Control Room at all due to a persistent Cubase (ASIO?) bug which can produce a dangerous white noise blast. That’s why I wasn’t seeing the fader. I prefer to listen to the final exported mix anyway, so I will continue to live on without realtime audio playback (and the potential for getting my ears blown out by the CR bug!)