No auto Save on Mac Pro.


There seem to be some bugs and flaws in N7.

I have N7 + NEK loaded on 2 computers, a Macbook Pro 2.9GHz running OS 10.8.5 and a Macpro tower with a 3.7Ghz Xeon quad core cpu, 64 gb ram. I typically record using the Macbook (and an Antelope Zen Studio interface) and mix using the Macpro system (Lynx Aurora 16 interface)

The Macbook system seems to do autosaves, and I see the files listed as filename.bak. The Macpro system does not autosave, which has been a real pain when it crashes. Also - if I open a file on the Macpro that had been opened on the Macbook, the faders in the mixer are twice as wide. Anybody else seeing this?

When I save channel settings, the plug-ins are saved, but NOT the effects sends. It can be very time consuming to manually note all the effects sends, pans and levels to recreate a channel sound.

So - Autosave?, Fader width?, Channel save/load? Help please.

Sorry you’re having troubles but I have essentially the same MacPro tower and autosave is working fine. Did you try the old trash preferences idea? john.


I found the check box. I had to search the Help menu using the term “bak” rather than “autosave” It is in preferences under General.