No barline at end of system coinciding with a start repeat

In a hymnal, I need to be able to have a partially filled system with the staff lines continuing to the right margin. In Finale this required creating an extra bar and then hiding the implicit rest and the rightmost barline. This seems to be a lot more convoluted in Dorico. I can add an extra bar but I can’t seem to create an empty system remainder. In addition, the following system has a start repeat and I can’t figure how to end the previous system without a barline. The Engraving Settings only give me the choice of a default barline or a double barline. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Would it be possible for you to use two separate flows? If the system that needs to be partially filled is the last system of a flow, you can then use the Fill frame with blank staves option on the Page Setup page of Layout Options to have empty staff lines drawn to the right-hand margin, and then the next system of music with its start repeat barline can be the first system of a new flow.

I always doubt myself when I come to a different conclusion than Daniel, but doesn’t this property allow you to have a start repeat barline starting the next system, whilst simultaneously showing a “none” barline at the end of the previous system?

Edit: I only partially took in the “partially-filled system” bit, I was focussed on the barline-before-start-repeat, apologies.

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That’s true, you could do it with a single flow using Lillie’s approach. Add an extra bar, make its bar rest invisible (e.g. make it translucent or scale it down to 1% size), and then specify “None” for the Barline at end of system property.

Thanks to both of you! I was glad to learn that it’s now possible to change the barline before a repeat. I’m still having problems with the system before the repeat, though. Dividing the song into two flows didn’t enable me to fill the final system of the first flow with staff lines to the end of the system so I went back to using one flow… In the empty bar before the repeat I now have a rest that I can’t get rid of or alter in any way. I can’t post the file here but I’ll send it to you via PM.

I’m not sure why it’s not working in this case, and I’ll need to ask a cleverer colleague about it, but for the time being, rather than trying to hide the bar rest, add a dotted half note to the bar, select it, and in Engrave mode, activate both Hide stem and Hide notehead. That should sort it out.