No 'Beaming' item in context menu?

I’m trying to beam together a small snippet of notes. I followed the instructions - select the unbeamed notes, then tap on the secondary context menu - but there’s no ‘Beaming’ option in the menu?

What am I doing wrong?


What is in the Context Menu?

(Daniel, he’s using the iPad version.)

Mark, if you’re not seeing the expected commands, be sure you’re selecting only notes first. Also, you can save a little effort by selecting just the first and last notes that you want to beam together.

I tried this also, but - screen shot shows what I’m trying to do and no ‘beaming’ in the menu

Yes, I looked up the online manual (iPad) and it said that the menu depended on the object that is selected.

Edit: I understand your reply now. My post obviously read as though I didn’t know what the context menu is.

D: Oops, it was me misreading – I missed the word “in”!

M: About the screenshot: Can you scroll the menu?


Yes I’ve just discovered that - yet the menu gives no hint that it scrolls!!! It’s weird that menu as you can drag it around as if it’s floating inside a window. Usually apps have a little ‘more’ icon or up and down icons to show the menu scrolls.

Now have beamed together the things I wanted.

The only hint I had was that “Flip” starts to fade a bit at the bottom in that screenshot, so it looks like there’s more. On desktop, menus that overflow the screen height have a little ▾ at the bottom that you can mouse over and it scrolls, but with the touch screen you have to do it manually.