no big step forward

When I look at the new feature list I (but this is only my opinion of course) really see no “BIG thing” why I should update to Cubase 6 (but 'll be so stupid to buy one, just to have the latest version, of course).

Besides the nice guitar rig nothing seemes to be “so spectacular” to justify the step from 5 to 6 (for Windows users), maybe to 5.6 …

149 Euros for Cubase 5 owners are really high priced for this few new features.

But the cash cow has to give milk every 2 years …


Don’t buy it then, as far as I’m concerned the improvements are just the ticket and well done Steinberg.

I like that there doesn’t seem to be a billion new features because maybe it means more time was spent on tweaking performance of what’s already there and little workflow improvements etc… It looks pretty good to me, and for $150 even better. plus the free hso upgrade for users of the original is cool.

would have been nice if Edit in Place showed a Drumpmap when you’re using a drum map but thems the breaks.

Looks good to me…

Yep… whilst it’s not exactly an earth shattering new paradigm in the world of DAWs the extra new toys and editing options look worth the money… seeing as it basically seems like C5.5’Deluxe’ as it were then hopefully it should be fairly rock solid out of the box… (fingers crossed lol)


Question for the topic starter:

For what kind of music do you use Cubase, and what where yoer expectations regarding features ?



It really does come down to that – and workflow. I’ve used every other DAW out there and I can confidently say that Cubase is the top of the heap. For that reason I will always buy upgrades because it’s all I got, baby.

Somewhow palenu has right. It should be main New Year free upgrade, not the “new” application. We forget, that as it was in “golden age” professionals used to get their “toys” every 5-7 years - after few years of checking. Now all we are beta testers for professional application (not only Steinberg ones) and we do free fedback what should be repaired or fixed before we get it to the table/desktop.
It doesn’t happen those days? Spectrasonics will give another user interface and another few thousends sounds FREE in coming weeks.

I take this view:

! never begrudge anyone earning a living. That way nobody will begrudge me earning a living.

I don’t expect new features for free - point upgrades are for bug fixing not new features IMHO.
Although occasionally SB gives us a few new features for free like 5.5 … and for that I’m grateful.

Turnover is vanity - profit is sanity. A companies gotta to survive, everybody has weekly bills to pay, as I’m sure you know, bills are relentless.

Maybe it’s my age, but paying SB £126 every two years which = to roughly £1 per week to use software that is the engine room of my studio …

Well £1 per week - if only my other bills were this small!

my 2 cents


Add my 2 cent and we have the beginning of an avalanche! :sunglasses:

As said. No-one forces you to buy it and maybe Spectrasonics has to give out a few thousand sounds to make up for other shortcomings. And C6 isn’t even out yet. So far this is the most moans I’ve seen before the product has been delivered to anyone.
I think it’s a crossgrade release. Not many regulars will rush to upgrade if they don’t need those features but I bet they’ll appeal like crazy to anyone using any other DAW.

The ‘Take Manager’ alone is worth the € 149,- for me. Not to mention how the other extras can be very useful as well, like the Track Edit Groups tool, SMPTE generator plugin, Multitrack Audio Quantization and the new drum features. The rest of the new stuff might just also prove to be quite interesting.

Probably everyone has a his own type of use for Cubase, so if you don’t like the new features - don’t upgrade! Simple as that. Skip this one and get the next version… For multitrack audio recording - like I do - I think this one is a steal.

Luck, Arjan

Of course no one is “forced” to buy the update, thanx for the advice!

I use Steinberg products since the 80s … “Steinberg 24”, maybe the aged remember :slight_smile:

In my opinion there was always a drastic development form version to version, now it seems only like finishing.

But everyone can and must decide if it’s 149 Euro worth or not. That’s all and last for me to say to that point.

@Chris: I expected one or two “fresh” new synth within Cubase 6 and not only light Versions from f. e. Halion Sonic instead of HalionONE which was never useful for me because of the “hanging stuck sustain pedal bug”, or a improved VSTBrigde for older plugins, or a improved ASIO engine. And the old bug seems to be back again since the 1.5 update…


One mans floor is another mans ceiling. Some of the new features are huge for the kind of recording I do.

Though there are new features I won’t ever be using …many I will. For me this is a stellar improvement!
I’m upgrading and will love it!!!
Good job Steiny!

I always get a kick out of people complaining they are free beta testers. What’s the alternative? How much would Cubase cost if thousands of beta testers were hired for a year to resolve all possible problems before the software is released? The way it is now, early adopters are eager to take their chances, and they indeed find problems. No one forces anyone to upgrade immediately. Just always wait a year after release and buy pre-tested software that’s affordable because the beta testing was free.

Thanks for chiming in and asking the questions.

This is what i want out of a company. Asking what the people want and hopefully trying to deliver. I have been on Cubase since SX1, went to audio engineering school where i was ‘certified’ on Protools, worked in a world class studio in LA on Protools and i have still stuck with Cubase. I like Cubase. i really want to stay with cubase. but certain features will make me stay or move on. a $150 upgrade is not a deterant. i have been asking for multitrack editing (i.e. live drum editing) for some time. we FINALLY have it. thank God. PT and the like has had it for years and has improved upon it with ‘elastic audio’. it seems to me most the new features as of late have been more for electronic music. that is fine, but not for me. yes there were some audio features like variaudio and convolution verb, but i needed those so long ago that i already have them via a third party. I am mostly recording rock music with real instruments. not much MIDI at all so loop mash and the like is not of interest for me. i realize it is for others, so that is great. i just saw how Logic Studio has ‘flex time’ where i could change the phrasing of say a singer quickly and easily, all in the project window. very nice. also quick and easy for aligning two vocal takes or changing rhythm to an instrument. for me, i could really use these ‘audio’ features. if Cubase’s biggest market is electronic, great, but i will move in another direction if the audio side does not keep up. i realize cubase has been ahead in certain areas (like delay compensation since SX2, other than HD, protools just added that), so this is in no way a complaint, just letting you know what music i record and what i ‘need’. also i think a overhaul of the visual side of things would be nice. some people like it really simple but if i am going to be staring at it all day, i want it to look nice and more modern. makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. :mrgreen: i personally don’t really like all the docking and such of some of the other new updates to other DAW’s so i am not referring to an overhaul of window management and such. i like my mixer seperate. when i go there, i want to see a lot of it. same for the project window. i do think some of the other windows (like sample editor) could be combined into the project window, at least for the functions i use.
i do this for a living, so it is a very big deal to me and of great interest.


Sometimes new features require underlying functions to be improved, which often makes for a better experience overall eg. MIDI learn throughout the program might mean an improved Generic Remote/Quick Controls situation.

I would have thought it’s quite simple, Steinberg are readdressing the balance. Cubase has been drifting towards the electronic and sequencing side of music production and forgetting about the acoustic side for some years. To the point were a lot of studios/guitar bands were moving away permanently to the competitors (if we aren’t already running multiple systems)

This release seem to me to be about bringing back the balance to the audio recording and production side of the software, where full bands are tracked and mixed.

This is a big step in the right direction and well needed.

C6 IS a big thing for many Mac users,
simply because the 64bit environment is now available using Cubase.