No Bit Depth options to export MP3 Files on Cubase 10.5

I can’t find a way to change the Bit Depth when exporting MP3 files on Cubase 10.5.

It will always export at 32 bits.

Project properties are 48.000 kHz and 24 bits.

Can someone help me please?

Mp3 is lossy format and its quality measures by kbp/s also knows as Bit-Rate(not bit depth) 320 is the furthest you can go. Technically its ~ 16bit if u worry about :slight_smile:

Thank you @User131231. It was a really good explanation and cleared up my questions.

Your answer is wrong because and mp3 32bit with +16 db on master sounds not distorted (i.e. incorrect) and an mp3 16bit sounds distorted (correct). I don’t understand why there is no 16-32bit option either.