No bluetooth midi in android?

I’ve just installed Cubasis3 on an Android tablet, and am disappointed to find that there is apparently no way to connect with my Kawai via bluetooth. Is that true? Is the work around to use a midi to usb cable? Is there such a cable that can simultaneously accept charging current to keep the android charged?

The Cubasis GUI keyboard and pads is very good, but not adequate for playing the way I do.

With an Usb/Usb C splitter cable you should be able to charge and use a Midi to Usb/Usb C cable.

Midi to Android:

Thanks, CJ.

Cubasis not comp. with every midi device ,you’ll have to look into that…

Once I get it set up, I’ll report re what works.
My plan for my new tablet was to use it as a sheet music reader… but then I started thinking about a simple daw for it. I’ve used Cubase, so Cubasis is a natural, but I’d hoped for a really simple connection via bluetooth.

I dont know if this app is gonna work (didnt test it) but this might be your solution


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