No Brainer - RP-Delay $10

AudioMidi are doing another No-Brainer deal - Rob Papen RP-Delay for just $10:

Looks like it has some interesting routing options including filters, distortion & a reverser…

awaits serial number

ah! you beat me to it. i got it and it’s fantastic. just been using the vocal filter swept with an lfo to create an excellent stereo phaser. bonus! away on holiday so will have to play more on my return. buy it if you like stereo delay and modulation. ed

Just got this ,haven’t downloaded it yet. I think Ohm Boyz was the last unbundled delay I’ve purchased. I still haven’t gone through all the features of the Komplete 7 upgrade I just got.

Somebody stop me!

Played with it last night. This is a great delay I urge folks to check it out

some call me a tad bitter…some may see it as “sour grapes” I have another post concerning “geo political racism”
Steinberg USA has a nasty habit of offering great deals, exclusive to the states, which is a bummer to say the least, but now we have this “segregation” with they wont accept international paypal for Rob Papens RP delay.!!!.. :blush:

what a pisser! :cry: …so I am hereby informing Rob Papen…I am boycotting your goods m8! as I have done recently with Muttekki Media, for trying to hijack me with a hidden “tax” at the checkout.

Hmm…The internet gave many a free window to riches!..I guess its the world getting back to normal now :laughing:

Well that’s odd as I bought it from New Zealand using Paypal

cheers Dave! :laughing: