No Brainer: T-RACKS 670 compressor

If anyone is interested:

Historically I’ve always been content with the Cubase compressors, and while still gettng to grips with this plugin, it does seem it is doing some quite nice things to my mixes… so far. So, anyone that doesn’t already own T-Racks or other single ‘high-end’ compressor plugins it might be worth a look. Certainly worth the $20 I think! :sunglasses:

Yeah, I got that too and it is pretty good but the best value for money compressor (imho) is ‘The Glue’ at $99 which I use on almost everything now, really good with a set of sheethot presets to get you going. Made in Perth Australia to boot;)!

Cheers mate,


Total No-Brainer for $20! I use this and the IK Opto quite a lot. Highly recommended.

+1 too for The Glue, a buss comp that can handle a complex mix but also sounds great on individual elements &, as Mauri said, it comes with a bunch of useful presets that only need a bit of tweaking to suit your material.

Looks good alright… sidechain support too. When they do a $20 no-brainer I’ll be in! :wink: