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I’ve just installed Elements 7. So I am very new to this program and indeed mastering software.

I have a selection of my own tracks which I want to write to CD (Red Book) with all text details.

I’ve tried this and filled in all the CD Text fields but once the CD has been written to it just says ‘Track 1’ …etc when playing. I did tick the ‘Enable CD Text Burning’ option under each track.

The CDs are CD-Rs (Memorex).

What am I doing wrong?


What is your CD Player reader that is compatible with CD-Text?

Not sure what you mean? It’s a DVD-RW drive from the Hardware spec it’s ATAPI DH16AASH SCSI CDROM Device

What is your CD Player software reader that is compatible with CD-Text?

Perhaps this is the problem… The PC I am using Wavelabs Elements on is my Music Studio which doesn’t have anything like iTunes/media monkey etc… I only play my completed tracks on here to listen to with vlc player.

So do I need extra software that will add the CD text on my Music Studio PC? The other alternative is using my laptop which has itunes installed… but I really wanted Wavelab on the Music PC…

There are few players that read CD Text. Most of them get the titles from the internet (commercial CDs).

Yes, well that’s going the direction of CD to MP3 (with CD Text pre written) normally, as I use when burning in iTunes from CD to hard drive which reads Gracenote. This is going from Wavelab Elements to CD-R the other direction. So do I have to have another program that will copy all the data I have put into Wavelab (CD Text) to write to my CD-R disk?

No, WaveLab probably wrote the CD-text to your CD-R disk. However, your player (VLC) is unable to read the CD-text from the disk. In order for you to be able to see that info you will have to install some “CD-text” plugin into VLC (if it exists) or use another music player software with CD-text support.

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Agree with Valsolim and PG. The CD Text is probably on your CD. If CD import is available in Elements, import the CD back into Wavelab and “Examine CD Text”. Also re: iTunes, the last time I checked, iTunes can write CD Text, but it can’t read CD Text.

Hi All

Thanks for the advice… I re-imported back into Wavelabs and ‘Examine CD Text’ and all text was shown which means that the CD Text was written to my CD-R. I loaded my CD-R on my laptop which has both iTunes and Media Monkey. Yes, correct iTunes didn’t read the CD but Media Monkey did so I think my issues is solved and I now understand a bit more how CD Text works which is a useful thing. This also means my hardware is OK as well so I think problem resolved.

Many thanks to all for helping…


Here is two useful scripts working in iTunes OSX with CD-Text

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