No CD Window? WL9 Elements

Hi - as per the subject, I can’t seem to locate the CD window in audio montage. What am I doing wrong here?

Also, are there any good tutorials videos for Wavelab 9 ELEMENTS?

Many thanks,

If you have your Montage up, click on the ‘File’ tab and scroll down to ‘Tools’, click on this and you will see the ‘Data CD/DVD’ appear. Click on this and drag your Montage into the Data CD/DVD window.

The Data CD window is always generic here - you will have to go to Tools to initiate it and then drag and drop whatever files you want burned. IN other words, if you think that the Montage or any file will have a burner associated with it, it won’t. Create the file>Open tools>select the CD burner>drag the file into the burner window>burn the CD. I hope this helps.