No change when adjusting Olympus Choir Micro vibrato settings

I would like to add vibrato to a vocal sound. My staff’s instrument is the Olympus Choir Micro, included in Dorico.

Whenever I make changes in the left or right pane (Layers) during playback of a melody in Dorico I immediately hear the change in the playback sound. But when I change something in the middle panel (turning on/off vibrato and changing the levels) there is no change at all in the produced sound, no vibrato at all is added.

Same for legato btw, whatever changes I’m doing I don’t hear the slightest change.

Why is that?

I’ve not experimented with those controls myself; have you referred to the library’s documentation?

Yes @dspreadbury I did. It’s supposed to be fairly simple, just turn on vibrato and set the depth…

For what it’s worth, I can’t hear any difference when I tweak the Vibrato 2 value in the range of the female voices.

Thanks for trying.

It’s also not clear what result to expect, this vibrato function isn’t demonstrated in any of the manufacturer’s videos.

Could the vibrato be disabled in Micro but enabled in the full program, and the manufacturers did not hide the controls?