No chord buttons in android?!

I literally bought this program because i saw that feature in a video. It was the heavy selling point for me and i was excited about it. To my dismay, apple has once again made life harder for people who arent willing to pay them absurd amounts of money for locked hardware of mediocre power to begin with. Seriously, why is this feature ios only? I just spent like $20 on this program and all the instrument packages only to be bummed out that my reason for buying it at all is null. Please help musicians free their art from apples corporate greedy deathgrip and develop equally for more open platforms like linux and android. The program looks nice, but without ths unique ios only features that for some reason arent implemented in android, ill probably get my refund from playstore, as i dont really need FL studio installed twice, and musicians are not made of money, largely because of business practices of companies like Apple, who i (and increasing numbers of people like me) refuse to support. I hate to be on a soap box here, but musicians are getting tired of this kind of thing. Will the ios featurea be included in android any time soon? Pretty please?


My guess is, we’ve to be a little more patient about this. Before Steinberg bought the rights for Music Studio, a new codebase for this app has been already under development. I havent heard a thing about this since then though, but the new codebase has been planned to support both OS - iOS as well as Android. In my opinion is does not make any sense for Steinberg to let this new codebase die. With this, Steinberg would not only be able to support both OS, but would be able to do this - as far as I understood - even with the same development effort. So let’s just hope the best.


Need help for the same. Help is appreciated.


Feature-wise, the Android version of Music Studio is behind the iOS version. This has technical and business reasons, carried over from the past, which cannot be resolved quickly. You can find the feature comparison table at

There are plans to further develop Music Studio on both platforms, update releases will be announced once they become available.

If you purchased Music Studio on the Google Play Store and would like a full refund, please write an email to and tell us your Google Play Store account email address.