No Christmas in Detroit Again

Cubase 5.2 on PC.

Acoustic Guitar - direct into mr816
Bass - direct into mr816
3 vocals - SM7
Lap Steel into Goodsell amp mic’d 57
64 strat in Goodsell amp mic’d 57
kick - shure 52
two over heads ATM 450s

All recorded in my bedroom.

mmmmm…nice work, sounds like your in some cool jazz club downtown, Kevin

Appreciate the comments.


I liked it! Good sounds all around. Nice space. Cool tune. I liked the sound you got with your guitar.

Nice! It does have that smoky club vibe. Your voice is perfect for this genre.

Sounds a bit Donald Fagen influenced - and that’s a good thing. :sunglasses:

I look forward to hearing more.

Thank you all for listening and I much appreciate your comments.

Hey Joe,

Very nice! :slight_smile:

Yes, I heard that as well, cool! Great harmonies. :sunglasses:

Nice job.


Glad I had a Listen. Great tune


Bass sounds a bit boomy here… compared to some other mixes I’ve just been listening too… but I know my room isn’t perfect either, so…

Nice :sunglasses:

Appreciate your comments.