No connection to the server Steinberg Download Assistant

Hello everyone. Please,
Does anyone have a halion 6 installation and a complete library for it?
Ps because Google is blocking access to Steinberg Download Assistant and the program cannot connect to the server.

This is not possible. The problem must lie elsewhere.

This is what my provider answered… :frowning:
At your request, a check has been carried out.
Miranda-Media does not block
When you go to the login page, the scripts are requested on a third-party resource, access to which is blocked by Google’s Crimea policy.

help with installation where can i download the latest version of halion 6? :pray:

I suggest you try a VPN to get around this blockade. Only Steinberg company has the right to serve their content and installers.

The thing is, I have activated the trial version of halion 6 for 30 days. But also due to the inability to connect to the server using the Steinberg Download Assistant. I have no way to download and install it.

Do you know about VPNs?

with vpn I can log into my account but download halion 6 program I am prompted to download Steinberg Download Assistant
But it does not work for me even with vpn enabled

this window crashes when i run Steinberg Download Assistant111111111