No Control Panel MOTU 828 mk3

Hey all,i was having some real annoying clicks and pops while working with Cubase 7.
So i googled and found i had to adjust my buffer size in order to fix this problem,however when i click in control panel
in device setup nothing happens,like really not a thing.
i came across a solution that i had to disable my motu device in windows so i did that but that didn’t work either.
do any of you guys have a solution for me because the clicks and pops are driving me mad.
my system specifications are:

  • Windows 7 + service pack 1 64 bit
  • Intel quadcore q8300 CPU @ 2,5 Ghz
  • 4,00 Gb RAM
    -MOTU 828 mk3 audio interface
    -Cubase 7.0.0 Build 2070 (64 bit)

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

Or any other tips to smoothen my Cubase without adjusting the buffer size are welcome too.
(i’m pretty new at all this) :slight_smile:

While it is convenient to open the panel from inside Cubase you don’t need to do it this way.
Close Cubase, open the MOTU panel and see how your buffers are set/change as required then restart Cubase.

that also won’t work. it says: “Cannot be configured while audio is running. close all audio applications and try again.”
I’ve closed all audio applications and even changed the audio out in windows to “standard speakers” and it still won’t run. :frowning:

Try selecting No sounds in Windows sound…or even better completely disable onboard audio in the bios.

Is this the hybrid version…are you using it via f/w??
If yes have you installed legacy f/w driver for windows?
Do you have a t.i f/w chipset?

You should probably also update Cubase if you really are still on 7.0.0

If you can’t solve this and you want to get working try installing asio4all and running it on that instead of the MOTU drivers.

that chipset and stuff i don’t know what you mean with that but i downloaded the new drivers for the motu yesterday,same version as already installed but when i overwrote them and disabled the motu in windows it worked.
so i guess the problem is solved for now.
i was using the motu for windows sounds also but i’ll find a way to fix that. :slight_smile:
thanks grim for your help!

p.s. whats that about updating cubase?
can i do that online and free?

p.s. whats that about updating cubase?
can i do that online and free?

You can update to 7.07 for free…7.5 was a paid update.

Motu drivers can be a pita and i found on occasions that if programs have been loaded on top of the drivers then you need to re-install the drivers again .
This happened with both my 828’s and Ultralite on windows , if you bare that in mind then you shouldn’t have an issue as they are pretty solid when up and running :wink: