No Cubase 13 trial on Steinberg but 14 day trial on Splice?

I was just wondering why people on Splice are able to have a 14 day trial and people who buy directly from Steinberg still have nothing. I am currently on version 12 and usually upgrade, but 14 days is not a good amount of time to dig in and work on many projects to really see if it’s worth it. 60 days is a great amount of time for a test drive, even more so if you are using another DAW and are thinking of cross-grading.

It feels kind of weird to go over to Splice to demo it.

It’s not actually a free trial, you give them your credit card number and they automatically charge you on day 15.

The Cubase trial timing has been same upon each release. There’s a few weeks between the release and the trial becoming available.

Because, you are signing up to a free trial of their ‘Rent-to-Own’ payment model - you’re just happening to choose to start your trial of that service, with a download of Cubase 13. Its not special to Cubase.

It makes more sense now, thanks, I don’t use Splice so was not sure how it all worked.

Thanks for responses

So if we do the 15 day splice trial and then cancel, can we then do the 30 day trial with Steinberg afterwards?

I said yes and then deleted it, only because I don’t know how the Splice trial does the Cubase authentication. But I would imagine that for a Splice trial, it would not affect a Steinberg offering at a later date, using their Steinberg Activation Manager vs whatever license that Splice offers during the 14 day trial.

Thanks. That was my thinking too, however I’d like to be 100%. I’m sure the Steinberg trial will be out shortly so might be a good idea to wait.