No DAW/PC Audio


I installed my MR816 CSX on my new Computer via PCI Firewire Card and it worked fine, I could use it in Cubase and to listen to Spotify Music.

Then I went ahead and connected an Mr816 X directly to the master MR816CSX and i did not work anymore.

Now even if the MR816CSX is connected alone i can’t hear any audio from my PC, be it Cubase or Windows/Spotify.

What i already did:
-Disconnect and reconnect the Mr816CSX to any available FireWire port.

-Reinstalled the FireWire PCI card (different slot)

  • Reinstalled the Tools for MR v.1.7.6

  • Tested if the problem was with MR and not PC: MR816 seems fine, i can monitor Mic inputs and hear everything with direct monitoring without a problem on headphone out and also stereo out.

  • Went into MR Editor and made sure nothing (volume-wise) was turned down. everything is turned up, but the is no input display from the “DAW” source, only analog inputs seems to work

The same thing happens when i connect the Mr816 X (!) alone, so it’s not the MR816CSX itself it seems.

ALSO: The device is recognized by the system when i connect it via FireWire and there’s an active output meter in windows audio, but nothing seems to reach the MR816CSX regardless.

another strange thing that happens: When i start audio playback in cubase it starts to stutter visually and there’s no audio output for a couple seconds, then the stutter stops and there’s an output signal in the MixConsole but still nothing can be heard on the MR816, neither via headphone or stereo out.

This doesn’t change if i make a direct stereo out in the VST connections window or if I do it via control room out.

Any help is appreciated, Thanks!!