No "Dedicated windows in Cubase"?

Hi, I noticed the “Dedicated windows” became not used anymore in Cubase? So the dspMixFx is used now? C11 Pro, latest update (11.0.40), latest Yamaha driver + tools + FX Suite. Is that correct behaviour?

Thnx, Pavel


Could you be more specific, please?

Hi Martin - OK, I used the brief info according to the UR824 manual (pg. 15+) but better:

  • No Studio > Audio Hardware Setup item
  • No Hardware rack possibility in MixConsole Racks` list
  • dspMixFx is now able to be run together with Cubase

In this state everything can be done like before but instead of working directly in Cubase`s environment I have to open the dspMixFx application. I did not notice any of these changes in any of Release Notes document either for Cubase update or for UR824 software/firmware update.

I would like just to be confirmed with “yeah - this is intentional change” :smiley: because it seems like that.
Thnx and regards!



I see. This is a bug which appears time to time to some users. Sometimes it helps to reinstall Cubase, sometimes it helps to reinstall the driver (please make sure, you are reinstalling as administrator, in both cases).

Ahh - so hopefully it will be solved in some patch uodate in the future? Anyway because both applications can run simultaneously this behaviour is not problem (for me).

Thnx for info!



Actually, you shouldn’t be abled to control your UR device via dsMixFx, when Cubase is running.

Hmm…it may be strange but fortunately I am :smiley: and it is working correctly. Only the Monitoring stage seems to be “corrupted” - meaning it looks like I am monitoring directly only (will test tonight) when recording through any HW input. But as I said - I will wait for any other update of Cubase. This bug has been known so I do not need to create any ticket for it - right?