No device found in dspfxmix_UR-C


I cant find my audio inputs in DSPfxmix. It just says “no device found”. I have read many posts of users having similar problems but no solution seem to work for me (uninstall and redownload or trying different usb-ports with CC-mode turned off while connecting).

The hardware seems to be working and I have no problem recording in my DAW (logic), yet it is super annoying not to be able to turn of the monitor sound in the mix-software.
I have requested support from Steinberg two times but with no success, so here I am.

I would appreciate any help!

Using Big Sur 11.2.3
Intel-based Mac


Did you try the firmware update?

I think the latest tools require also the latest firmware.

Thanks for your reply!

I forgot to mention. I did try that but I get an error message there as well:

Error: UR is not detected.

Please check the connection and reboot this software.


Without your system info there’s not much one can say. The newest MacOS has some specific things you have to do so the computer can see the device properly. Turning of CC mode does not remove the ability for the device to still use it if it can’t use the Steinberg/Yamaha driver

It’s been discussed on the forum a bit.

Oh, I see. I am now using Big Sur but I updated it from Mojave only because of this very problem. I’m gonna keep looking in the forum. Thanks!

I answered a question in this topic with a link to a Steinberg article on this I’m not on Mac these days, so I’m just following what I’ve read…-

This only seems to apply for silicon-based Macs. Sorry for not specifying my computer in my first post (I will edit it) :sweat_smile:

"Apple has adopted new security features on Apple silicon-based Macs.
To install the Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver on an Apple silicon-based Mac, the macOS security policy needs to be changed."

My quest continues!

Solved. It started working after a few more updates and restarts…