No device found

want support plz I have the m1 mac mini and i want to use the DspMix for the urt 2 but it shows that no device is found and i cant use the app i have Mac OS Big Sur 11.5.1 and my interface is also on.

Please do the obvious,
connect it to the computer… grant all the rights necessary

hey, what do u mean on grant the necessary rights? in which headland can I do that? I just updated my computer to macOS Monterey and obviously my interface is plugged to my computer and still no results plz help me Ive been having this issue for a week now and I don’t know what else I can do…
Screen Shot 2022-01-10 at 16.27.32

Did you install the drivers for MacOS 11 and 12, they are available on the support download page

and btw. there is a hardware forum in english available, where you might get more answers.

They should install together with the dspMixFX app, so since he can start the app, the driver should be available as well…
We heard a lot about security restrictions in MacOS 12 these days…

you guys mean the Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver (for selected devices)?