No Direct Monitoring with C6

I’ve just update to Cubase 6 and latest MR drivers, and the Direct Monitoring stopped to work, when I check the option I can’t hear any audio from inputs (can see the signal, both in the input and track channel but no audio), when unchecked signal is audible but channel strips work only in recording mode.

Whoa! Tell me this isn’t true for Cubase 6!! Having Direct Monitoring on a Mac was one of the main reasons I got the MR816!!

I have desame problem!

Did you instal MR Tools 1.70?


I found out that if you create stereo input busses with the MR you can only ear audio from ODD channel and not from EVEN.
If you create mono input busses it works correctly…
That’s just for the analog inputs, the digital ones work good…but it’s still a weird bug!!! :neutral_face:

(I’m on a MacBook Pro, latest drivers)