No Dorico 5 in Activation Manager?!


Just bought Dorico Pro 5 update from Pro 4. It is however not showing up on my Steinberg Account and also not in the Steinberg Activation Manager. I have an Activation Code, which I do not seem to be able to enter anywhere?

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If you have a Download Access Code in your receipt from the Steinberg online shop, go to:

and enter the DAC there. Then run Steinberg Activation Manager and click refresh to see your new license.

Ah! I forgot to Redeem the download code in one of the crazily many windows and pages. For everyone else with this problem, in the Self-Service page of your account, there is the option to redeem the activation code, and then you can proceed with the activation manager.

Edit: this was not a reply to Daniel, since it was entered the same time.

Ah thanks, Daniel.