No Download Access Code

Hi, I’m from Italy, I’m trying to get a Download Access Code but no email, can you help me? thanks

Login to the Steinberg online store account. You can access your account and past purchases which contain the download access codes.

I click on “Try Cubase Pro” but no email with Download Access Code, and in my account no purchase of Cubase Pro 11, but there is Dorico 4 Pro trial, why? thanks

If you own cubase 11 Pro then you have a purple dongle. You cannot run cubase 11pro without it. Is this what you purchased? cubase 11 Pro?

I don’t have Cubase pro 11, I want to try it as trial, but no Download Access Code, I had Dorico 4 Pro trial, so I’m wait for a Download Access Code 4 Cubase Pro 11, can you help me ? thanks

There is no more cubase 11 Pro. It’s cubase 12 now and there is no trial. They will probably have a trial in about a month maybe less because it just came out and they usually wait for a little while before offering a trial.

ok, thanks I’ll wait for Cubase Pro 12 trial