no dual layer dvd drive

Is this right, if I don’t have a dual layer dvd drive, I can’t install and use C6.5? I need to know before I upgrade.

I’m not an expert but I thought all DVD drives read dual-layer. Not all can write dual-layer. Not only that, bit 6.5 is a download. If you are upgrading from pre-6.0, you must install 6.0 via DVD, then download 6.5 and install. It might be possible to install the 6.5 trial and avoid DVD install altogether.


Your DVD drive is going to be dual layer reading…just not dual layer write capable.

As said above, dual layer was part of the original DVD spec, so if it’s a DVD drive… it should read it OK.

And even if you are tempted to fit a dual layer DVD writer - don’t bother, I have never seen a dual layer DVD writer that actually produces a realiable disk yet.

I bought a dual layer writer last year, I tried burning 10 disks (I bought high quality branded blanks too), they all failed, I called the supplier to get the drive replaced, they just gave me a refund and told me to thow the drive away - it’s like they were just waiting for that call to happen.

I wouldn’t agree with that - it’s more a case of getting media the drive is happy; not necessarily “high quality” branded stuff. Mine is happy as larry with cheap disks I get from the shop up the road. When I had some branded ones, didn’t work.

If it plays any DVD movie past about halfway, it IS dual-layer.

I ONLY buy Pioneer BD/DVD drives these days, as they seems to be the only ones that can do everything right.

I had an ASUS DVD drive and it occasionaly reported reading problems with EWQL discs. I was peeved when the Panasonic drive in my old Fujitsu laptop would read those same discs, unfortunately after EW had replaced them.

I’ve definitely had a DVD drive that wasn’t dual layer

(I’m 93% sure)

On a g5

See #7