No eLicenser connected to computer

Hi, I’m new to Cubase, but I have a problem that some of you have had as well, but I cannot seem to fix it.
I’ve bought Cubase 10.5 Elements, and it worked fine. It was connected to a soft eLicenser.
Upon uninstalling the eLicenser Control Center by accident, I had to reinstall Cubase, but now it says no eLicenser is connected to this coputer.

The eLicenser Control Center is empty, but my product has been registered on MySteinberg and also shows when entering the ‘old’ activation code.
I know I need a new eLicenser number to re-activate, but there isn’t any. Instead, I get this message:
“Currently, there is no eLicenser connected to your computer which you can download your license to. Please connect an appopriate USB-eLicenser to you computer. In case you do not have any USB-eLicensers available and want to download the license to a so called “Soft-eLicenser”, please contact the software vendor of your product, to learn how to create a Soft-Elicenser on your computer system.”

Any help in solving this problem would be highly appreciated.

Why did you need to reinstall Cubase? You could have just reinstalled the eLLC application.
Anyway, open eLLC and run a maintenance and it should then retrieve your license from your MySteinberg account.

I’ve tried installing only the eLLC, and it didn’t work. I’ve also tried installing the eLicenser help, but it says “the installation failed”. Without giving any reason. Nothing helps really. I’ve placed a support ticket already, but no response so far from Steinberg…


Same problem. Cant do anything, but the case is the same - deleted ellc and than license dissapeared. I just wanted to check an Elements trial before aquiring one. Well, that was a great solution - i didnt loose my money for buying a non-working software, lol.
In general I can`t understand, why the problem exists like for 5+ years and Steinberg still do nothing.
I have to format my ssd and reinstall windows just to use your application and give you my money for it, awesome.
Patrick, try to reinstall your Windows and repeat every step just like email asks you to do. I would be glad if you share results. Good luck!


I am having the same problem but on CB elements i tryed everything also reinstalling it , it worked all fine but after a will i got a hikup i removed all my CB stuff and reinstalled it i cant get it to work anymore [“currently there is no elicenser connected to your computer”]

Hi, I bought an usb licencer afterwards, and that solved the problem for me. Good luck!

Hi, I wanted to try Cubase Elements 11 Trial, but the activation failed because the “No eLicenser Selectable” window appears.

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Do you see a Soft-eLicenser number in the eLicenser Control Center? If not, check this out …

Soft-eLicenser (virtual license container) is missing – Steinberg Support


yes i tried but there was an error message

eLicenser Installation Helper: installation failed

please help me , i oaid a lot of money to use this app

this worked to me, thanks!
using the utility ‘eLC Installation Helper’

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I’m having a similar issue. Downloaded the CE 11 Trial and got stuck on “Currently, there is no eLicenser connected to your computer which you can download your license to.” How and where did you purchase this “usb licenser”?